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The following specializations are being … in Computer Science! It covers various scientific fields such as robotics, visual computing, service technology and engineering, database systems, and parallel as well as distributed systems. Mobile phones, digital cameras and PCs have become everyday commodities within an incredibly short time span. Information Systems, Man-Machine Communication, Networks and Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and Theoretical Computer Science. All study course contacts Application deadline Summer semester (starting mid of March) 2nd November the year before Winter semester (starting 1st October) 2nd May. From 20,000 EUR. Yes! It was home to six Roman emperors and has preserved several … Computer Science Mathematics Geomatics ... computer networks, and electronic commerce. Informatics has played a key role in major developments in fields such as medicine, automotive engineering, and aerospace. Department of Computer Science. Computer science is one of the key disciplines of the 21st century and affecting almost all modern industries. Creative Management and Marketing, … The Department of Computer Science offers a number of different degree programs in informatics and computer science. Computer science (e.g. The Master's program Computer Science is one of the English study programs offered by the University of Stuttgart. Unsere … As a graduate of the Computer Science master’s program, your professional specialization is … Studium Generale: Studium Generale (5 LP) Betriebspraktikum: Betriebspraktikum (12 Wochen, 15 LP) Masterarbeit: Masterarbeit (30 LP) Recommended Abilities. Study time 3 semester full-time | 5 semester part-time. Faculty of Computer Science . It has, for years, been the best Computer Science faculty in Germany in global rankings. The Computer Science Faculty at the Technical University of Munich is one of the largest faculties in Germany, encompassing more than 5,400 students. The objective of the programme is to acquire the technical competence to develop highly efficient, interactive 3D applications, for example to work as a game programmer in a development studio. A first professional degree in Computer Science awarded by a university (typically in 6 semesters after 12th grade); Proof of sufficient specialized knowledge by 120 non-overlapping credits from courses in the following areas: at least 25 credits in Mathematics, at least 12 credits in Theoretical Computer Science or Artificial Intelligence, at least 12 credits in Computer Engineering, at least 35 credits in Practical … Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) is a rapidly developing field that brings together applied mathematics (especially numerical analysis), computer science, and scientific or engineering applications. Media Culture (Medienkultur), B.A. The principles of constructing and programming computers are still at the core of the discipline. The Department; Studies; Research; Imprint; Contact/Imprint . Computer science is the science of systematic information processing. Links. +49 (0)711 8926 2526. - Games. ), Socialinformatics (B.Sc./M.Sc. The career prospects for Computer Science graduates are currently excellent and will remain so for the foreseeable future. 10/21/20. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Department of Computer Science Info. The Master’s degree programme in Computer Engineering is directed at technophile graduates of Bachelor’s degree programmes in Computer Science or Natural Science with a sufficient proportion of Computer Engineering whose … Study Abroad Programs. As a consequence, the possible career paths are very broad for graduates with a computer science degree and the job market is very favorable. Computer science is devoted to the study of the electronic processing, storage, and transfer of data. Within the … It enhances our modern Computer Science curriculum with contents from Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation. Computer Science was the natural choice, and thanks to the courses I attended at unibz, with its excellent student/professor ratio, I got a lot of individual attention … ), Computer Science in Schools (B.Sc./M.Sc. Study … … Attention! ), Computer Science in Applications (B.Sc./M.Sc. The job market includes jobs such as software engineer, system integrator, information systems manager, data analyst, database administrator, … The Cologne Institute for Economic Research reported in its "STEM spring report 2015", that the demand for workers in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) sector was more than a total of 47 per cent across Germany in April 2015. Computer Science – Digital Media and Games (B.Sc.) This particularly applies to … ETH's Computer Science Department runs a broad-reaching Master's program in English - the Master in Computer Science - which grants students access to general computer science topics as well as a number of focus areas such as Theoretical Computer Science, Information Security, Software Engineering, and Visual Computing. The modules of the M.Sc. 50% of the program is dedicated to lectures and seminars in „Cybersecurity” and „Computer Science” complemented by courses in „Business Administration” teaching students the basics to found a successful company. Any applicant who did not earn his or her university degree at an education institution where English is the language of instruction is required to prove English language skills at … Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences | Department of Computer Science | Studies Studies This content is only available in … Course Level Beginner. In 1984, it celebrated its 2000th anniversary. With regard to the required 10 LP in computer science modules, at least 5 LP must be in the area of algorithms and at least 5 LP in a module that imparted knowledge of a higher programming language, e.g. LLL Studium Generale LLL Senior Students LLL Junior Uni LLL unitedbz Computer Science. Wie soll ich das Computer Science-Studium bezahlen? Computer Science for Digital Media, M.Sc. Be a pioneer and join HSG's latest degree programme, our M.Sc. Through the supervised practical study project and the … Bachelor in Computer Science ... ways, then, as a young adult, I was searching for a career which allowed me to continue my passion in solving puzzles. Master Brochure; Admission; Financing your Studies; Exchange; Fact sheet Computer Science . Digital Engineering, M.Sc. The department of computer science currently offers the following courses of studies (among others) several Bachelor's/Master's courses of studies: Computer Science (B.Sc./M.Sc. The application of informatics has changed our lives and the way we work in a more intensive and sustained manner than any other science in the last 30 years. As a computer science student you will learn to solve different kinds of problems, think analytically and solve issues involving a combination of logics and mathematics. The key task of computer science in the different areas of business and research requires a well-grounded and current knowledge, that exceeds the first academic degree. - Media. The master’s program, which is offered in English, reflects this diversity by preparing you for the quickly changing demands of an increasingly global employment market. Wenn Du danach noch den Master machen möchtest, musst Du 3 bis 4 weitere Semester Studienzeit einplanen. Media Studies (Medienwissenschaft), M.A. Bremen, Germany 3 years. With… Computer Science – Digital Media and Games (B.Sc.) Bei der Finanzierung Deines Studiums stehen Dir verschiedene Wege offen: Stipendien, BAföG, Studienkredite oder ein Studentenjob. program are strongly linked to the application-oriented projects of the research groups at the institute. algorithms, software engineering, computer architecture) Mathematics (e.g. In addition to the necessary mathematical skills, the professional focus includes the basics of programming, the design of complex software systems and knowledge from the application areas of computer science. you hold a recognised Master’s degree in a subject area related to computer science of another university. We offer degree programs with focuses in engineering, the natural sciences, the cognitive sciences, economics and business studies, biology, and earth science. Prof. Dr. Andreas Künkler Phone: +49 651 8103-573 kuenkler(at) [Close all] [Open all] Living in Trier. It pervades all areas of social and economic life and interconnects with many fields of study and research. Media Management (Medienmanagement), M.A. study program can be selected from four areas: … Here you can find websites containing information about our study programmes. Studium & Lehre. No admission restrictions! CSE focuses on developing problem-solving methodologies and robust tools for numerical simulation. Aalto University. Faculty; Professorships; Research; Studies. The faculty has set research and teaching cooperations with a number of European and … Furthermore, the degree is a requirement for the admission of a graduated program in computer … These skills will make you a highly-sought after graduate, as the methods you learn will enable you to adapt to new ways of thinking and working in almost all areas of industry and the economy. C/ C++, Java or Python. In addition, it contributes to other courses of study that are related to computer science. Computer Science (Bachelor of Science) MASTER ; General; Course Content; Professional Opportunities; Academic advisor Requirements: Usually general qualification for university entrance (Abitur); German Language Examination for University Entrance (DSH) or equivalent for applicants from abroad. You can apply for Ph.D. studies in Computer Science if. The disciple that you choose has little to do with what it deals with and is mostly depended upon what your want as your outcome after finishing the course. Computing is one of the technologies thoroughly … you hold a Master's degree in computer science of the University of St.Gallen. Graduates are able to lead research and development teams in industry, which critically depends on information technology. Introductory Events in Winter Semester 2020/21. All classes are given in English. Human-Computer Interaction, M.Sc. information about current and future … EPFL has recently recruited several world-class professors performing cutting-edge research at the core of computer science, offering students one of the best computer science curriculum in Europe. The objective of the programme is to acquire the technical competence to … or state examination) Lectures. Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences Studies Studying Computer Science at the University of St.Gallen (HSG)? European Media Culture (Europäische Medienkultur), B.A./L.I.C. Studium. In the Master’s degree programme, students expand on Computer Science subjects of their choice, e.g. Moreover, collaborating with other departments, the Computer … Admission requirements; Courses; Curriculum; Regulations and Exam schedule; Master study course Computer Science International Current information on the start of the new Computer Science International course Due to the corona pandemic and the resulting restrictions, applications and enrollment for the CSI program will only be possible … Applied Computer Science" we convey the knowledge and skills on a high level. Computer science is a wide-ranging profession in terms of the types of industries, company sizes and the specific professions you can work in. In addition, students can also take a subsidiary subject, several basic computer science courses, and an industrial placement. Filmkulturen – Extended Cinema, M.A. Navigation. In addition to working on current research topics, … Please note that the programmes are German speaking, exceptions are stated. Media computer science and man-machine interaction; Software construction, software technology; Speech processing and pattern recognition; These correspond to the research concentrations in the individual computer science departments and allow for a specialization within the program. European Film and Media Studies, M.A. Degree Programs; Regulations; Course Guidance; Student Representation; International; Excellence-Projects; Courses. The in-depth courses in the M.Sc. Bachelor's Courses of Study you hold a recognised Master’s degree in computer science of another university. On campus. Master's Program in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences - Computer Science. Prospecitive students of any study program organized by the Department of Computer Science starting this winter semester can find information on their introductory events here, as well as information regarding the presentation of elective courses. The bachelor's degree in computer science provides a sound and comprehensive insight into the future technology of computer science. Key task of Computer Science. RWTH Aachen University - Department of Computer Science - Homepage. Computer Science International. There are also … Please note that the deadline to … 12/07/20. two years of engineering mathematics, numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra) An application field from engineering or physical science: (e.g., thermo and fluid dynamics, computational mechatronics, computational optics, automation and control or information technology) Because of the … About Trier Trier has a population of more than 100,000, and is famous as the oldest city in Germany, founded around 16 AD. This faculty covers a large variety of topics, starting from Software Engineering, Scientific Computing, Knowledge-Based Systems, as well as Robotics. The other 50% of the program consist of a „Cybersecurity Project”, which is developed in small groups of 3 students, closely supervised by our mentors, with the objective to … Den Abschluss vom Computer Science-Studium bildet die benotete Bachelorthesis. To understand phenomena and processes from science and engineering, we no longer … This means that a wide range of possible … Standard period of study : 6 terms: Course Language: German: Degree: … Page Menu. Computer Science Distance Education (M.C.Sc.) They traditionally enjoy a very wide range of employment opportunities: from … During the master program "M.Sc. Bachelor's degree. Courses of Studies. All new students are required to select a major at the beginning of the study program. With more than 200 scientific and general staff members, currently 13 research groups, the educational research center Educational Technologies and the research platform Computational Science Center, the Faculty of Computer Science participates in many national and international cooperation projects, together with economic and scientific partners..

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